Scientific Programme
3rd AAPUD 2019- Update in GIT & Pancreas Pathology
Scientific Programme
Endoscopic diagnosis of Barretts disease Dr. Rama P Venu
Recent advances in Barretts disease Dr. Amitabh S
Gastritis- a pattern based approach Dr. Kim Vaiphei
Gastric dysplasia- Update and practical approach, Heriditary/ Familial gastric cancer Dr. Amitabh S
Celiac disease and other intraepithelial lymphocytic disorders in GIT Dr. Prasenjit Das
Lymphoproliferative disorders in GIT Dr. Jay Mehtha
Update in GIST + mesenchymal tumours Dr. Sanjeev Katti
IBD - with emphasis on the clinical and endoscopic differentiations between Crohn’s Disease and Intestinal Tuberculosis Dr. M. Narendranathan
Approach to Small and large intestinal biopsies
Histological approach to IBD
Dr. Siddhartha Datta Gupta
Post surgical/post treatment changes in IBD Dr. Pushpa M
Mimickers of IBD Dr. Anna Pulimood
Neoplasia in IBD Dr. Amitabh S
Reporting of rectal cancer Dr. Roopa Paulose
Colonic polyps incl serrated polyps - diagnostic challenges and clinical implications Dr. Amitabh S
Oncological management of Metastatic colorectal cancer Dr. Pavithran K
Pathology of pancreatitis Dr. Fiona Campbell
Autoimmune pancreatitis- clinical workup, dilemma and challenges, in the Indian scenario Dr Vivek Saraswat
Molecular pathology of CRC, Lynch syndrome/MSI , Biomarkers in CRC Dr. Amitabh S
Dissection and reporting of pancreatic resection specimens Dr. Fiona Campbell
Exocrine Pancreatic neoplasms– an update Dr. Fiona Campbell
Slide seminar - rare and wonderful lesions in pancreas Dr. Fiona Campbell
Slide seminar- GI pathology in immunosuppressed and transplant patients, Iatrogenic pathology in GIT Dr. Siddhartha Datta Gupta
Appendix- Update on Appendiceal neoplasia and PMP Dr. Munita Bal
PMP, Surgical perspective Dr. Puneet Dhar
Frozen sections in GIT- indications and limitations Dr. Anuradha S
Pathology of anal canal Dr. Praseeda Nair
Update in GI and Pancreatic NET Dr. Kim Vaiphei
Paediatric GI pathology- neonatal diarrhoea Drs. Bhanu/Roopa
Clinical/Pathology interaction(CPC)
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